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Design Process

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Design Process
By:"Sam F. Miller"
Published on 1995 by

First, you'll learn how to look at building components and materials inside and out, evaluating: structural materials; heating, electrical, and plumbing systems; aesthetics and light; the site; movement of people and traffic; and ecological considerations. Then, you'll learn why research is important and why you need to be familiar with particular building types - hospitals, museums, manufacturing facilities, airports, libraries, office buildings, and mixed-use structures - before you even think about designing. And you'll take a look at building codes and local zoning ordinances. After a thorough grounding in the physical, you'll meet that all-important client and learn how to find out what they really want as you develop a list of goals, problems to be solved, and design requirements. You'll learn how to brainstorm with the client and discover why it's important to involve the client in the design process from beginning to end.

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