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Fox Coloring Book for Adults

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Fox Coloring Book for Adults
By:"Coloring Books Now"
Published on 2016-03-19 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Are you feeling anxious or stressed? then why not sit down and relax with this fox coloring book for Grown Ups? This Coloring book for Adults is ideal for fox lovers, allowing the user to de-stress by relaxing and taking their mind off things by coloring in the foxes inside this book. Containing 40 Paisley and Henna coloring pages designed to help relieve anxiety and stress, the designs within in this coloring book for adults range in complexity, from simple designs for beginners, to more complex detailed designs and patterns for the more experienced coloring book enthusiasts. The pages within this stress relief colouring book are printed single sided to prevent bleed through from marker pens and felt tips. This also makes it suitable for a wide range of other mediums such as gel pens colouring pencils and crayons for example. This also means the pages can be easily removed for framing and hanging purposes. As well as being great value for money for personal use or as a gift, this book contains hours of fun refreshing designs to help promote creative expression. While this adult coloring book was designed with stress and anxiety relief adults in mind this book is suitable for all ages.

This Book was ranked 17 by Google Books for keyword Colouring Books for Grown Ups.

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