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Decoration Day

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Decoration Day
By:"Vic Kerry"
Published on 2014-04-01 by Samhain Publishing

Welcome to Innsboro. We’ve been waiting for you. To Reverend David Stanley, the small town of Innsboro, Tennessee, seems heaven sent, appearing out of a fog on a secluded mountain road. When he hears the town needs a preacher for its annual Decoration Day service, it’s as if God himself called him to duty here. But as Decoration Day draws near, David begins to wonder about Innsboro. It doesn’t appear on any map. It lacks any conveniences of modern life. In fact, the whole town seems cut off from time. Worst of all are the hideous nightmares, terrifying visions of monsters...and a strange, pulsing purple light. Perhaps it wasn’t heaven that sent Innsboro after all.

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