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Roman Children's Sarcophagi

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Roman Children's Sarcophagi
By:"Janet Huskinson"
Published on 1996 by Oxford University Press

This book is the first major study of the themes which were used in the decoration of sarcophagi made for children in Rome and Ostia from the late first to early fourth century AD. It provides a selective catalogue of examples of each type, followed by discussion of how these fit into the general pattern. This allows certain themes to be identified which are virtually exclusive to children's sarcophagi. The second part of the book discusses the choice of subjects and how these reflect the standing of children in Roman society: to what extent, for instance, was childhood shown as a differentiated stage in life, or was it dominated by aspirations of the adult world? How is the death of a child treated in art? There are separate sections on the role of workshops and customers in the development of child specific imagery, and on material from the early Christian era, providing some interesting distinctions resulting from differing attitudes towards children and beliefs about life and death.

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