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Marine Art & Antiques

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Marine Art & Antiques
By:"J. Welles Henderson","Rodney P. Carlisle"
Published on 1999 by Antique Collectors Club Limited

Welles Henderson focuses on the ordinary individuals who manned and worked the ships, while at the same time recognising the heroes of maritime history. He follows the story of seamen through manuscripts, journals, diaries, log books, rare books, paintings, prints, sketches, wood carvings, ceramics, textiles, scrimshaw, medals, instruments, ship models, statues and photographs. The book is richly illustrated and much of the material is taken from the Henderson Collection. Each chapter focuses on separate aspects of a seaman's life aboard ship and ashore in the age of sail and early steam, from about 1750 through to about 1910 and conveys the flavour and feel of life aboard. The author started his collection at the age of seven. It is now recognised by maritime experts as 'unique, the finest of its type and world class'. He decided to found the Philadelphia Maritime Museum in 1960 and it is now an internationally recognised institution and an important part of Philadelphia's waterfront development.

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