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Antiques To Die For

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Antiques To Die For
By:"P. L. Hartman"
Published on by Strategic Book Publishing

“Sixteen dealers, sixteen keys. What a nightmare!” exclaimed the detective. A body has been discovered in a blanket chest at Cider Run Antiques. Could there be a murderer among the dealers at the popular and picturesque shop? Marv, retired history professor and founding partner, doesn’t think so, even though these are people with strong passions about antiques – and occasionally each other. Things had gone so well the first two years, the historic 18th-century stone building a perfect backdrop to showcase antiques. Everyone was enthusiastic, antiques-savvy, and caught up in their new venture. The shop was a stunning success. Yet there must have been something beneath the surface of high-spirited banter and good times, something unseen that would culminate in tragedy. The dealers decide to hold a marathon talk session to help solve the murder, but will the answer destroy Cider Run? Antiques To Die For is both a mystery and a glimpse into the dynamics of a thriving antiques business. Set in the Appalachians of central Pennsylvania, the story combines history, antiques lore, lively shop interplay, and collectors’ obsessions to tell its tale.

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