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By:"Emily Abruzzo","Jonathan D. Solomon"
Published on 2006-09-14 by Princeton Architectural Press

Despite vilification by mid-century modernists and the later derision of deconstructionists, decoration has become a meaningful element of contemporary architectural practice.From inventive uses of colour to material applications to structural systems, architecture and decoration are inseparable. Indeed, it is-we are not afraid to say it--essential for the survival of the art of architecture and responsible for much of its current acclaim.Building on the conviction that architecture as a profession must necessarily be multidisciplinary, volume 10 of 306090 compiles contemporary attempts to incorporate, address and define decoration within the practice of architecture.306090 10 investigates how pattern, applique, colour and relief play into contemporary design and explores the exciting creative breakthroughs made possible by new methods of construction and digital production.

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